Spring 2011 STEP Awards

Spring 2011 STEP Awards

For the Spring 2011 cycle, twenty-one (21) awards totaling $352,201.61 were funded by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP).  Of the those proposals funded, six (6) will have an annual sustainability fund impact of $36,609.00 (average $6,101.50/project).

The highest rated (by the STEP Council) grants for the cycle included: Mobile Apps and Website for UL; Electronic Swipe Card Access for Rougeau Hall; Wireless Internet, Rougeau Hall; Final Evacuation Chairs To Assist Disabled Persons In Building Emergencies; Essential Software & Equipment for Provision of Accommodations to Students with Disabilities; Using DVD Technology to Promote Clinical Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes among Nursing Students; and Building Network Equipment / Police Unit Laptop Computer / Server Storage Backup Unit.

In addition to the grants awarded for Spring 2011, the Student Government Association approved at its meeting on April 25, 2011, a plan to increase and improve wireless access for students on campus.  The plan, which was initiated last Fall, includes: a) surveying students to identify needs (completed June 2010); b) analyzing campus occupancy and utilization data based on classroom utilization (completed August 2010); c) selection of new standard access points and control equipment (completed October 2010); d) solicit approval from SGA to fund and initiate the project (completed April 25, 2011); e) acquisition, installation, and deployment of phase I equipment and infrastructure (completed in Library in February 2011); f) complete phase II, III, and IV of the project.  This plan uses the data collected from the student survey (supplemented by utilization data) to determine a priority list of buildings in which the new equipment will be deployed during the course of the four phase plan. 

To review the list of the funded grants, please use the link below to navigate to the awards list page.  Once there, click on the title of each proposal to review the summary information and access the detail proposal.  Note: All proposals are formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Spring 2011 Awards List