Spring 2013 STEP Awards

To review the proposals of the funded grants for a partiuclar academic term/year, please select the STEP Cycle and click the go button. On the result page, click on the title of each proposal to review. Click the column heading to change the sort order of the award list. Note: All proposals are formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

STEP Proposal Number sort icon Title PI Department/College Recommended
SP13-01 Updating the “Computer Lab” for the Health Information Management and Health Services Administration Majors Toni Cade, Lisa Delhomme, and Anita Hazelwood College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Department of Allied Health $15,825.00
SP13-03 Replace Aging Robotics Equipment Dr. Douglas Williams, Dr. Yuxin Ma College of Education $9,397.90
SP13-05 SmartBoard and TEC Classroom for Mathematics Instruction for Pre-Service Teachers Melissa Myers and Christy Langley College of Sciences, Department of Mathematics $15,000.00
SP13-06 Hands-on microscopy training in upper-level biology courses Arlene G. Billock and Paul L. Klerks College of Sciences, Department of Biology $39,995.40
SP13-07 Laptop Computers for Chemistry Lectures Thomas Junk College of Sciences, Department of Chemistry $3,285.00
SP13-08 Mouton Hall Research Lab George Wooddell, Ph.D. College of Liberal Arts, Departments of Sociology, Anthropology & Child and Family Studies $25,161.80
SP13-09 EDCI Computer Lab Replacement David Lynch College of Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction $34,625.00
SP13-10 Materials Center Computer Replacements David Lynch College of Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction $4,896.00
SP13-13 Retention Technology Grant Lauren Fontenot Landry and Bette Harris Academic Success Center $15,375.00
SP13-16 Career Counseling Center STEP Renewal Grant Lucy C. Gammon Academic Success Center, The Career Counseling Center $6,025.00
SP13-20 Edith Garland Dupré Library: Charging Stations for Laptops & Mobile Devices Susan Richard and Betsy Miguez Edith Garland Dupré Library $11,075.00
SP13-21 Osmomotry in Biology Laboratories Lewis Deaton College of Sciences, Department of Biology $8,250.00
SP13-25 Enhancement of the Integrated Systems Technology Laboratory Cherif Aissi College of Engineering, Department of Industrial Technology $14,007.00
SP13-26 Smart Classrooms for Fletcher 209E, 209G, and 211 Margaret Kennedy-Dygas and Donny Broussard College of the Arts $30,000.00
SP13-27 EE Electronics Laboratory Dr. Mohammad R. Madani and Shelby A. Williams College of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering $11,662.90
SP13-31 HIST SMART Classrooms Spring 2013 Dr. Robert Carriker and Louis Diemert College of Liberal Arts, Department of History $15,000.00
SP13-33 FGM 101 Interactive Classroom Enhancement D. Keith Guillory, Allen M. Latour, Maria Flores, and Eric Holden College of Business Administration (COBA), Information Systems & Multimedia Laboratories (ISM) $15,000.00
SP13-40 Zimbra Hardware Upgrades Mr. Patrick Landry Information Technology, University Computing Support Services $90,170.60
SP13-42 Readabout.me Student Recognition Program Renewal Aimée Bullinger Office of Communications and Marketing $12,491.00