Spring 2012 STEP Awards

To review the proposals of the funded grants for a partiuclar academic term/year, please select the STEP Cycle and click the go button. On the result page, click on the title of each proposal to review. Click the column heading to change the sort order of the award list. Note: All proposals are formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

STEP Proposal Number sort icon Title PI Department/College Recommended
SP12-02 Retention Technology Grant Lauren Fontenot Landry and Bette Harris Academic Success Center $15,375.00
SP12-03 Sales and Research Lab SMART Podium Gwen Fontenot, Jessica Gerard, and Marguerite Williams College of Business Administration, Department of Marketing and Hospitality $22,277.20
SP12-04 Wireless Network Legacy Replacement – Phase II Vickie Y. Bailey Information Technology, Information and Media Networks $95,000.00
SP12-05 SMART Classroom Replacement Computers: Department of Nursing Kelly Saltzman College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions $7,800.00
SP12-06 Technology Enhancement for the Cell/Molecular Biology Laboratory Patricia Mire College of Sciences, Department of Biology $7,000.00
SP12-07 Refurbish Mathematics Classroom Lab Ralph Baker Kearfott College of Sciences, Department of Mathematics $29,000.00
SP12-09 Career Counseling Center STEP Grant Lucy C. Gammon The Career Counseling Center $6,100.00
SP12-10 Enhancement of the Microprocessor control system Technology laboratory Cherif Aissi College of Engineering, Department of Industrial Technology $17,256.50
SP12-11 Extraction Equipment for Engineering Laboratories Dr. Stephen Dufreche College of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering $63,400.00
SP12-12 Help Desk Support David Savoie and Lori Trim Information Technology, University Computing Support Services $20,000.00
SP12-13 Update Help Desk Services David Savoie and Lori Trim Information Technology, University Computing Support Services $10,625.00
SP12-14 Upgrades to Audiovisual Equipment in Dupré Library Andrea Flockton and Heather Plaisance Edith Garland Dupré Library $2,610.66
SP12-15 Edith Garland Dupré Library: Knowledge Imaging Centers for Digital Scanning April Grey, Derek Mosley, Duane Huval Edith Garland Dupré Library $48,140.00
SP12-17 readMedia Online Marketing Strategy Aimée Bullinger Office of Communications and Marketing $13,491.00
SP12-19 Online Testing and Electronic Texts for Students With Disabilities Dr. Carol Landry Office of Disability Services $5,060.00
SP12-20 Experiment Management Software (SonaSystems) Amy L. Brown and Matthieu Villatte College of Liberal Arts, Department of Psychology $3,600.00
SP12-22 Desktopping Studio Update/Upgrade Jerry L. McGuire College of Liberal Arts, English Department/Creative Writing/Multimedia Desktopping Studio $11,894.90
SP12-23 Wireless Internet Access in Lee Hall Bette Harris, Caro Henauw, Paul Eaton & Dr. Theresa Wozencraft Academic Success Center, Office of Orientation, and Office of the First Year Experience $40,000.00
SP12-24 Concert Recording and Broadcasting System Robert Willey College of the Arts, School of Music and Performing Arts $5,956.00
SP12-28 CMCN Software Licensing Spr 2012 Louis Diemert College of Liberal Arts, Communications Department $11,100.00
SP12-31 2012-2013 Replacement of Rex Street Message Board Funding Application Garland Rodriguez Student Union $58,208.00
SP12-35 Enhancing Learning Opportunities for Beginning Clinical Nursing Students through High-Fidelity Simulation Susan Randol and Robbie Stefanski College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions $42,290.00
SP12-37 Enhancing Learning Through Games Frances Stueben and Marilyn Bufford College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions $3,504.00
SP12-38 MacIntosh Lab Upgrade: College of the Arts Digital Media Resource Center Margaret Kennedy-Dygas and Donny Broussard College of the Arts $55,574.40
SP12-39 Robotics Engineering and Technology Laboratory Upgrade Dr. G.H. Massiha and Harvey Ozbirn College of Engineering, Department of Industrial Technology $22,346.00
SP12-40 Computer Services for International Students Rose Honneger Office of International Affairs $12,150.00
SP12-41 Technology Enhancements for Photography Department Jamie Baldridge College of the Arts, Department of Visual Arts $5,675.85
SP12-43 Career Services Online Management System Kim Billeaudeau Career Services $12,500.00