Fall 2015 STEP Awards

To review the proposals of the funded grants for a partiuclar academic term/year, please select the STEP Cycle and click the go button. On the result page, click on the title of each proposal to review. Click the column heading to change the sort order of the award list. Note: All proposals are formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

STEP Proposal Number Title PI Department/College Recommendedsort icon
FA15-25 Reading Lab Podium Computer Replacement David Lynch Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education $1,529.00
FA15-16 Projectors for Enhanced Instruction in the Department of Mathematics Dr. Ross Chiquet and Dr. James Kimball Department of Mathmatics, College of Sciences $2,400.00
FA15-52 Purchase of pH meters for Chemistry Laboratory Courses Daniel L. Wellman, Dena Battaglia, Eric R. Taylor, Richard S. Perkins and Wu Xu Department of Chemistry/College of Sciences $6,868.00
FA15-02 Revitalization of the Advanced Computer Laboratory in the Physics Department Gabriela Petculescu Department of Physics, College of Sciences $7,760.00
FA15-54 Psychology Department "Tiny-Technology" Enhanced Classroom (TTEC) Cheryl Lynch Psychology/Liberal Arts/UL $8,837.76
FA15-50 Honors Program Presentation Room Ryan C. Winters University Honors Program $8,951.00
FA15-07 Expansion of Digital Signage Keith Guillory, Nadine Bayard, Scott LeBleu Office of STEP Support $9,149.46
FA15-49 Enhancing Manufacturing Technology Laboratory Using 3D Printing Dr. G. H. Massiha and Dr. S. L. Houston Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Industrial Technolog and Mechanical Engineering/College of Engineering $9,800.00
FA15-58 College of Engineering Lab Software Harvey Ozbirn Engineering $10,421.50
FA15-53 Edith Garland Dupre Library: Replacement for Digital Access to Microfilm Reader Andrea Flockton and Heather Plaisance Edith Garland Dupre Library $17,878.00
FA15-27 Acquisition of an Infrared (IR) Spectrometer August A. Gallo Department of Chemistry, College of Sciences $18,000.00
FA15-48 A TEC Room to Enhance Lab Instruction in Biology Scott C. France Biology/Sciences $18,000.00
FA15-46 Rewire of Lee Hall STEP Lab Katie Tutwiler Coby The Learning Center/Academic Success Center $18,415.00
FA15-08 FGM 201 Interactive Classroom Enhancement Luke Berzas Information Systems & Multimedia Labs, College of Business Administration $20,000.00
FA15-03 Instrumentation and Electronics Lab Stations Dr. Charles E. Taylor Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering $26,691.20
FA15-35 Completion of SMART Classroom Technology in Burke-Hawthorne Hall (#117 & 250) Michael Gervais and Allen Latour Department of Communication/College of Liberal Arts $36,000.00
FA15-05 Geosciences Student Computer Lab Upgrade and Expansion Dr. Carl Richter, Catherine Bishop, Scott LeBleu, Oludamilola Adesiyun Department of Geosciences, College of Sciences $42,333.50
FA15-24 Enhancement of Technology Madeline S. Husband-Ardoin Student Health Services, Office of Student Affairs $44,396.00
FA15-01 Rougeau 210 Engineering Lab Upgrade Charles Williams College of Engineering $46,516.90
FA15-43 SAP ERP Center Initiative Sonya H.Y. Hsu Informatics Program/School of Computing and Informatics/College of Sciences/ULL $78,000.00
FA15-18 Outdoor Wireless Expansion Vickie Y. Bailey Information & Media Networks $110,896.00