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Fisker's first all-electric car takes on Tesla: Exclusive details

Thu, 2018-01-11 09:02

The auto designer, whose Fisker Karma fizzled, is presenting his new electric car, the EMotion, at CES 2018.

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Ford lays out grand vision for a self-driving car future

Thu, 2018-01-11 09:01

The automaker doesn't just plan to be involved in vehicles, but the entire infrastructure

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Amazon Alexa is coming to Toyota cars

Thu, 2018-01-11 08:59

Japanese automaker Toyota will integrate Amazon's Alexa voice assistant into some of its vehicles.

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The coolest car tech from CES that you'll be driving with any day

Thu, 2018-01-11 08:59

Some of this is far-fetched, but a lot is closer than you think — and may even be sitting in your driveway right now.

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These cute robots want to replace Amazon Echo in your home

Thu, 2018-01-11 08:56

Kuri, Buddy, Jibo, Aibo, CLOi aim to be as helpful as Alexa or Google Home, but are far cuter.

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I just bought a 4K TV. Don't tell me 8K is coming!

Thu, 2018-01-11 08:52

2018 is the year that 4K becomes the dominant TV technology, as TV makers woo the next wave of customers and cord cutters with special features.

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The 6 best kitchen deals on Amazon right now

Thu, 2018-01-11 08:39

Get cooking.

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Brief power outage darkens CES 2018

Thu, 2018-01-11 06:51

The digital economy's big annual trade show, CES, suffers a brief, disruptive plunge into darkness after a power outage, blamed on a glitch caused by heavy rain.

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Blink's new 'smart' video doorbell is half the price of the competition

Thu, 2018-01-11 00:23

Blink is best known for their smart security cameras, but they unveiled a new video doorbell at CES 2018—just one month after being acquired by Amazon.

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Cord cutters: TV and streaming services race to make it easier to find your next favorite show

Wed, 2018-01-10 19:06

Find yourself shouting at your TV? Watch out. Increasingly it will talk back.

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PC updates to keep out hackers slow some computers, Microsoft says. Is yours one?

Wed, 2018-01-10 18:52

Older Microsoft systems are most problematic.

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Intel unveils partnership with autonomous ‘flying taxi’

Wed, 2018-01-10 16:30

It’s called the Volocopter.

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Kodak shares have more than tripled since announcing new cryptocurrency 'KodakCoin'

Wed, 2018-01-10 16:26

One day after the 130-year-old industrial company announced plans for a new digital currency, the stock has more than tripled.

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Your Amazon order could get you in trouble with border control

Wed, 2018-01-10 16:26

We have a pretty clear mental image of the type of person who’s flagged by border patrol for illegally importing goods.

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Warren Buffett just ripped cryptocurrency to shreds

Wed, 2018-01-10 16:24

Warren Buffett Just Ripped Cryptocurrency to Shreds

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Shop inside this autonomous shuttle on your way to do more shopping

Wed, 2018-01-10 16:08

Toyota’s self-driving shuttle can double as a mobile storefront or package delivery.

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This drone fits into a smartphone case

Wed, 2018-01-10 15:33

At CES 2018, USA TODAY tries out a tiny drone that folds up into the case of your smartphone, which doubles as the controller.

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Cars that read your emotions are coming your way

Wed, 2018-01-10 15:31

Automakers showed the car tech that will make driving easier, safer and more personalized at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Some of it may already be sitting in your driveway.

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Thousands descend on Las Vegas for the CES trade show

Wed, 2018-01-10 14:57

Leaders of technological advancements present their new products at the major fair in the U.S. Rough cut (no reporter narration) Video provided by Reuters

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Samsung debuts new smart fridge tech, and a plan for updating existing products

Wed, 2018-01-10 13:40

The Family Hub 3.0 adds Bixby to a fridge, but current owners will have to wait for updates

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